End of Life

Facing death whether it be your own or someone in your life can be a traumatic and overwhelming event.  For many there is great fear of suffering, pain, loss and the unknown.  Our cultural and          societal beliefs have not supported us in embracing death for the most part.  In general, more       people are terrified of death than celebrate it.  We continue to believe what we have been taught rather than questioning that there may be another way to approach this sensitive subject.

Considering death is the ONLY thing we are all guaranteed, it is my intention that this will transform.

 I have found that there is a loving approach to supporting and guiding people during this precious and vulnerable time of life.  Years of Hospice nursing, End of Life Coaching and
Spiritual Interception are powerful tools to help break the patterns that bind,
separate, cause fear, control us and ultimately bring suffering.
When we feel loved and heard, we experience and remember that ultimate connection of Oneness.
It is inside of that Oneness that the journey home becomes easy and clear.

No matter where a person is on their journey, be it awake and oriented, lethargic, medicated or even unconscious/comatose, the transition can be made easier through shamanic work, holding space for them, and in some cases even crossing over with them.  A Shaman’s work at the bedside can and will change from situation to situation, but the one thing that remains the same is presence, comfort, guidance and support. 

If you or anyone you love (including our beloved animals) is facing their transition home,
I invite you to inquire about what may be available to you and your loved ones to make
the journey richer, lighter, free-er and even joyful.

“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief, but gratitude.” Thornton Wilder

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