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Migun Bed/Infrared Sauna/Ionizing Foot Bath

Migun Bed – Migun means “Beautiful Health”.  The Migun Thermal Massage Systems represent the fusion of Asian and Western Medical techniques. Inspired by the effects of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Heat-Therapy (Moxibustion), Chiropractic, and Massage, providing you with total health, relaxation and balance.  This bed is made with Jade beads that massage the legs, feet, abdomen and spine to align, relax and detox the body.  The more you use the bed the greater the effects.

Infrared Sauna – Unlike saunas of the past these newer generation saunas provide radiant heating that detoxes from the core versus simply sweating through the skin.  Considering the toxins we are all exposed to on a daily basis, detoxing is a wonderful support to help keep the inner body clear.  The more you sweat, the clearer the body is, resulting in less physical pain and higher wellbeing.

Ionizing Footbath – Another wonderful tool for detoxing, this foot bath is relaxing, and provides clear results at the end of the session.  As you soak your feet positive and negative ions are emitted to charge the water and draw toxins out through the feet that are clearly visible in the water.  This treatment also leaves one feeling relaxed and refreshed.  As with any detox method, the more frequently we use it, the better the results all around.  

Health and Wellbeing Consultations

Through personal and professional experience I have learned that healing of any sort comes from a basic foundation of understanding our body, mind and spirit.  This wholistic approach means addressing all of these versus only curing what ails the body without getting down to why.  I blend my medical, medical intuition and shamanic experience to help guide a person on the road to better health.  This work can be initiated in a one time consultation or can be on an ongoing basis.

Shamanic Healing

Based on ancient principles, these sessions could involve a multitude of services from ceremony,    ritual, chakra balancing, energy clearing, reflexology, past and current life issues, releasing, soul    retrieval and more. These are hands on approaches, usually with body work involved as well as   psychic and intuitive work. No two sessions are alike yet they are all very clearing in nature. Although you will leave these sessions relaxed and in a different state then prior to the session, it is usually an interactive process between practitioner and client.


End of Life Coaching and Support

A blend of nursing, personal and shamanic experience provide a new approach to death from time of diagnosis to beyond the time of death supporting the client, family, loved ones and caregivers in creating a more positive, whole, and complete experience during a potentially difficult and challenging time of life.  Support can be a one time consultation to following and supporting the journey from diagnosis through the death and bereavement processes.

Psychic Readings and Parties

Psychic Readings – These readings are very similar to Spiritual Coaching.  I am not a fortune teller. My goal is to empower you through Spirit’s messages so that you can powerfully navigate your life and your future.

Psychic Medium Readings – Have you lost someone you would like to connect with? These readings bring a level of healing often not available any other way. Esther has been seeing people
on the other side of the veil all of her life. This is a powerful way to help those in grief find peace.

Psychic Parties– This is a great way to have some fun. Usually a 4 hour time slot is set for consecutive readings. Usually insightful, and often surprising. Spend time after with your friends chatting up what came through in your readings.

Past Life Readings & Journey

Have you experienced love at first sight?  Have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to someone or some place? Or possibly the opposite where something turns you off or makes you sick. Past life information can give one great power in dealing with these situations. In my experience this information is not meant to base your life on, but to guide you with power and knowledge. Readings are done by the practitioner, journeys are facilitated by the practitioner guiding the client to discover and experience their past lives for themselves.

Totem Animal Reading & Journey

The Native Americans teach us that animals all have ‘medicine’, or a teaching to share with us. We all know owls are known to be wise, the same goes for most any other creature on our magnificent planet. The traditional belief is that there are a number of animals that make up our personality. It is also believed that when you come across an animal, especially in the wild, it imparts a message. Getting to know your allies helps you to grow and learn about yourself in a new and fun ways. This fun process can be done as a reading or through guided meditation to discover your allies for yourself.

Drum Circles/Full Moon Ceremonies

Celebrate the heartbeat of Mother Earth through Grandmother Drum. This sacred drum is  a 42″ double sided buffalo drum.  She invites crowds of 10-12 people to participate with her in creating an altered state to connect with Spirit and the earth in a profound way. Many magical things happen while drumming. Full moon ceremonies as well as any other event can be supported by this amazing process. And… it’s fun!  

Drum Circle schedule is on the Events Page.

Please call or email to reserve your spot, as space is limited.

Please check back here or on my Facebook page for more information.  


Space Cleansing & Blessing

Moving into a new home or office? Does your current space feel heavy or clogged? Do you think your space is haunted? Many people are afraid of ‘spirits’ being in their space, but in most circumstances they are only trying to get a message across.  This is a traditional way of  clearing your space, identifying who or what may be trying to get your attention and why, and initiating the space in a powerful way for the future.  Each situation is unique and will vary in time as well as cost.  Please contact Esther for more information.