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 I have been a Registered Nurse for 29 years, 15+ of those years in hospice.  I have seen those who have crossed over all of my life, realizing this through a near death experience in October, 2000.
At that point I humbly accepted my path as a Shaman.   Shortly there after I left Hospice nursing to work towards bringing my nursing experience and shamanic abilities together by supporting and coaching people through times of challenge and transition through a wholistic and loving approach.

I have also been on a very powerful personal healing journey.  I have healed myself of (with the assistance of many gifted practitioners) fibromyalgia, allergies, obesity, neuralgias, hypoglycemia and more.  I maintain a weight loss of about 130lbs and am in the best state of mental, emotional,      physical and spiritual health I have ever been.

Over the years I have studied many spiritual paths and earned multiple certifications, yet I truly         believe my best teachers have always been life’s experience and Spiritual guidance.

Last year I completed and published my book “Celebrating Death: A Guidbook to Dying Well”.  I’m an artist,  I spend my free time with my loved ones, hiking and exploring the beautiful terrain of            Sedona and Arizona, and playing with my little dog Bri.

My desire is to support people in their own spiritual and healing journeys
a space of Light and Love.

 My Qualifications:

Registered Nurse
Doctor of Metaphysics
Psychic Medium
Certified Reflexologist
Holistic Nurse
Reiki Master
Metaphysical Minister
Published Author

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