“Esther Shapiro is without qualification a genuine and authentic Shaman in every sense of the word.  Esther’s academic and professional accreditations are impeccable as well.  However, it is my estimation that Esther’s Shamanic Talent is G*d Given.  I have experienced Esther’s ability to “see” on more than one occasion.  I don’t know “how” she does it and I notice that her eyes change when she is assessing your corporeal self and energetic fields, but however and whatever happens Esther is able to diagnose where you hurt and even more importantly the cause of the ailment.
Several doctors in two provinces and three cities were unable to heal my right shoulder that hurt terribly and had limited mobility.  It was so bad that I had learned to do nearly everything with my left hand and arm. While in a Shamanic Trance State, Esther found a place on my right collarbone that was very sensitive and super painful.  I hadn’t know the existence of this painful spot before Esther found it.  Esther said the wound had been caused by many stabbings in the back.  At the core of my being, I knew the Truth of that statement and tears flowed down my face.  I don’t know what Esther did, whether or not she removed the knives or cleaned the wound or applied Holy Tincture, but it healed and I now have complete and full mobility.  It took about 10 days for the place on my collarbone to allow any pressure and I followed Esther’s directions to place my hand on it and say loving things, blessing it and acknowledging the cause of the pain.  Traditional medicine had prescribed pain killers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories.  Esther healed the source of the wound.  I was also healed Spiritually and Emotionally because the back-stabbing was identified and validated by someone who knew nothing of the betrayals.  My Consciousness has achieved new levels because those blockages were mitigated.

During the Shamanic Healing, Esther also pulled balls of yucky energy from the palms of my hands and gave great clearing, healing energy to other parts of my body that created warmth and a wonderful sense of well-being.  It was apparent that Beings of Light & Love were working through Esther during the trance, but it is in no way alarming.  It is beyond description though.  Until you have experienced a genuine and authentic Shamanic healing you won’t be able to comprehend what I am saying.
My 31 year old daughter was here recently for a brief visit.  Although she was skeptical, she agreed to see Esther for a Shamanic Healing session.  My daughter is usually a great nay-sayer of things metaphysical, but she was so impressed she remarked that having another Shamanic Healing session with Esther would be a priority for her next visit.

Sedona is the Las Vegas of all things New Age.  Like Las Vegas there are Elvis impersonators nearly everywhere, except here their masks may be more insidious.  Visitors are advised:  caveat emptor!  Many self acclaimed healers in the Sedona area dabble in the astral realm accessing beings from dimensions that are best left alone, others merely role play as healers while others are sincere but lack both talent and training.  There are others still who will one day become healers as they are laudable apprentices now.  Esther Shapiro is among the small group of genuine and elite Healers in the area, and may be the Leader of that pack because of her Integrity and Unswerving Allegiance to Creator/Source/G*d.
Make an appointment with Esther Shapiro to simply experience an authentic Shaman, they truly are an endangered species.  If you go only for that reason you will be well rewarded.  Should you wish to experience Divinely Inspired Healing then your life has shifted its course though it may be a few days or weeks before the significance of the Experience is apparent to you in all its facets.  I am both privileged and honored to recommend Esther Shapiro as a genuine and authentic Shaman with tremendous Healing Talents.”   K.K., AZ

“It is with much much difficulty that I attempt to express the profoundness of Esther’s shamanic work. What makes working with Esther such a healing experience is her humbleness, her compassion, and her eagerness to listen to what our needs are so that we may create health and happiness. Her incredible skill with working in non-physical dimensions and her clear, intuitive sight is truly awesome to witness and experience. I have several years of experience working with an eclectic variety of healing modalities and intuitive arts, and I must say that the tremendous capacity, high integrity, and the amount of skill that Esther displays is a rarity indeed! If you have the opportunity to work with Esther, I highly recommend it, as it is such a gift and an honor.” M.L., AZ

“When going through the most trying and difficult time of my life, Esther proved to be the person who literally kept me alive. My partner was dying from Large B Cell Lymphoma. There were so many times I was able to call Esther and get crucial information about Erik’s treatment and process that was unavailable anywhere. Esther also was able to comfort and make Erik comfortable even up to the last six hours of his life. I will forever be indebted to Esther for the love and care she brought to this difficult time in my life. I would not only recommend but implore anyone in similar circumstances to contact Esther. She is a unique human on this planet.” D.K. Denver, Co

“I felt I could ask Esther questions I couldn’t ask the other health care professionals. She took a deep interest in my Mother’s situation and was available when we needed her. She didn’t give out answers, but instead gave options so that my Mother felt comfortable moving forward with her decision about hospice. Esther instills a level of trust with her clients. Toward the end of my Mother’s stay in hospice, I called Esther because my Mom was agitated and the nurses had made some recommendations. Esther assured me that the nurses’ recommendations were the right ones. My Mother died in her sleep the next night, as peacefully as she could. I would put myself and any family member in Esther’s hands.” J.C. Pa.


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