Guidance~ Comfort~ Empowerment
~Spiritual Interception~

   This website’s intention is to be a portal,  bringing anyone to Spirit who is in need of support           during any difficult time in their life, including end of life or when facing chronic illness.

For the human being there are junctures in life where ‘Spiritual Interception’ may be the only method to break through a challenge.  This is the moment when people are willing to surrender to Source.
It is in that vulnerability and open space that things can truly change and that one can authentically and lovingly find their connection to Source.  This is the journey that we are all ultimately on.

What is offered here is an interruption to the patterns the ego so joyfully gets us stuck in.  No matter         what the challenge is that you are facing, breaking free of the past, our beliefs that no longer serve, and the ego mind allows Spirit’s  guidance and support to come in.  This often is all one needs to change the direction of things.

If you are called here it may be time to intercept your ego and create the life and journey you desire.


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    1. esthermshapiro Post author

      You do know me, as I am you, and you are me. This is what we are to be remembering now.
      And yes, let’s meet in the physical world soon!!
      In Light……


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